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Maze Feat. Frankie Beverly-Anthology Cd2 Full Album Zip




Frankie Beverly - The Anthology, Disc 1. Frankie Beverly and Maze are absolutely undeniable here. This Anthology set is a worthy addition to any Willie Mitchell fan's collection. The first disc is a tight and pretty straight up cover of Maze's "Music You Can Dance To" and is a good place to get a feel for the sound of Frankie's music in the early 90s. The other 12 tracks are the kind of Willie tunes that are primarily melodic and done in a soulful manner. Most of these tunes are found on Willie's solo albums, although Maze does claim "Got To Be Some Changes Made" is his and that Willie's "Trying To Find A Way" is on his, but it's Maze. Maze's version of "Trying To Find A Way" is pretty good and has a jamtastic feel to it. Maze has never been a master of the beat and this album proves that, but it's a good time and it's worth having. Frankie Beverly - The Anthology, Disc 2. Still the best cover of "If You Only Knew" in the world. Maze goes over the top with this track. Now that is a danceable cut. And, "Free At Last" on disc two is just great. Maze sings on this track and he has some of the best vibrato he ever had on any track. "One More Time" is a much easier listen, but still a fine track, especially if you can recognize the rhythm of Maze and Shirley's voices. It is also interesting to hear Maze sing the lyrics, even if he has more than a few stumbles. He is good on this album. Maze's "Hey Jackie!" is also a nice throwback as is "Love Me." The other tunes, including "I'm Over You" are done in a more soulful manner. Frankie Beverly - The Anthology, Disc 3. A compilation of Willie's hits with Frankie as a co-writer. This album was first released on CD by Kissy Cousins and has since been reissued by Azica. I could really do without Maze's two versions of "Free at Last." You can hear the same song on both the Frankie Beverly's Anthology and The Music You Can Dance To Vol. 1 albums. The Maze versions are very good, but so similar to the Frankie versions that it's hard to hear any difference. I believe both versions are by the same song, but it is not clear which one it




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Maze Feat. Frankie Beverly-Anthology Cd2 Full Album Zip

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